Kape is comprised of a globally distributed team of like-minded individuals that truly care about digital privacy and security.

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What Our Employees Are Saying

Working at Kape means you’re in for a ride every single day. It’s a fast-paced, innovative, constantly evolving environment. And the best part of it is its unique group of people outstandingly bright, forward-thinking, ambitious gals and gents who make this place home.

Michal Weinmann

Analyst & BI, Security, TLV

What I like the most in working at Kape are the managers who support me in achieving my personal career goals, care about my wellbeing and are willing to give and receive feedback. Very friendly and inclusive environment allows me to freely share my thoughts and ideas, even if they are different from the others

Maciej Krzyżaniak

Senior Threat Hunter/Analyst, Privacy, Poland

Kape is a truly international company and I love working and learning daily with people from around the globe. We are constantly discussing important topics in an innovative and creative environment while ensuring privacy to our customers

Barbara Perrupato

SIM Lead, Privacy, United Kingdom

Because I am working for a top-notch professional company that is constantly growing and thriving for success. I find the company's activity and goals (ensuring individuals' privacy online) are important ones that I can easily relate to.

Ron Mitchnick

Director of Acquisition Marketing, Privacy, TLV

Amongst many things I really enjoy working for Kape; two of the main ones is that the culture is very friendly, collaborative and encourages knowledge sharing. Also there is a strong emphasis on excellence in everything we do and trying to learn as much as possible about the best way to do things across all areas, as well as constant improvement

Sam Stansfield

Partnerships Lead, Privacy, United Kingdom

Definitely, my peers - they make going to work fun. I also really enjoy the fast pace work environment and the fact that my work combines two loves of mine – working with people as well as working with numbers.

Ori Gopas

Head of Marketing, Security, TLV

My data, my privacy, my company. Kape allows me to protect not only my own privacy but through my work that of millions of others around the world. Whilst working in Kapes innovative and high performance teams, means that I am both challenged and satisfied in my career daily.

Stephen Marr

Senior QA Manager, Privacy, United Kingdom

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