Making the internet more private and secure requires spreading knowledge to all internet users, whether they are our customers or not. That’s why our brands leverage their own platforms and social media to provide better public access to education around digital privacy and security.


From blog articles covering current events, free online privacy tools, or support for public initiatives that advocate for a safer digital world, Kape brands consistently lead the industry in digital privacy education.


Free Online Tools

In addition to premium services, Kape brands also provide free tools to help both customers and the wider internet community assess and strengthen their digital privacy:

Industry leadership

We believe competition among privacy companies is good and helps consumers, but cooperation is beneficial as well. Kape brands have historically taken leadership roles in initiatives that raise standards for the whole industry:

VPN Trust Initiative

Co-founded by ExpressVPN alongside four other VPN companies, the VPN Trust Initiative (VTI) is a consortium focused on improving digital safety by raising awareness, strengthening trust, and mitigating risk. It also maintains the VTI Principles, a set of best practices for VPN providers in the areas of security, privacy, advertising practices, disclosure and transparency, and social responsibility.


Digital Security Lab

ExpressVPN’s Digital Security Lab is a privacy research institution devoted to in-depth investigation into topics of public interest, especially with regard to invasive surveillance of consumers via smartphone apps, such as location tracking and health data collection.


Future of Privacy Scholarship

The Future of Privacy Scholarship is an annual essay contest sponsored by ExpressVPN that awards $5,000 to the winning student—high school, undergraduate, or graduate—from anywhere in the world. Topics have ranged from encryption, digital rights, internet privacy, and the fight against censorship.


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