Privacy Makes Us Different

Since time immemorial, the right to privacy has been the bedrock of our society. Backed by the power of privacy, people have conquered empires, created nations, art, and democracies. Privacy is a gift that has given people the innate ability to have freedom of thought, expression, and action. Privacy affords everyone a fair share of the narrative.


Throughout history, there have been attempts to withhold the right to privacy from different parts of society; but now more than ever, we see that privacy for the majority of individuals is greatly endangered.

In today's world, when a fair share of our thoughts, conversations and actions are all taking place in the digital sphere, these aspects of our privacy are in dire need of constant protection. Blind mechanisms are needed to continually guard our pockets of privacy.

Our mission is to ensure that every individual has a private sphere, a digital room of one's own, bringing control back to individuals in an age where privacy has been controlled by a privileged few.

To achieve this mission, we believe that an organisation, such as ours, which exists to fight for privacy must adhere to certain guiding principles:

Our Guiding Principles

1. Zero Secrecy - openness as a guiding force - we believe that an organisation cannot ensure privacy for others without being open and transparent itself.

2. Zero Reliance - we remove the need for you to trust anyone with your personal data by ensuring no one has it, including ourselves.

3. Zero Data - sanctity of personal data - we believe each individual owns his own data therefore we will never store or attempt to sell what does not belong to us.

4. 100% Customer first - we believe that all decisions should be made with the end user in mind, while maintaining profit as well as building a sustainable balance between social, environmental and economic profit.

5. Zero Theater - what you see is what you get, we tell it as it is and deliver on what we promise to achieve.

6. Zero Tier - net neutrality - we believe that all connections and data should be treated equally and without manipulation.

7. 100% Honesty - we will say it as we see it, straightforward and direct.

8. Zero Sidelining - life purpose - this is not a passing phase, this is our mission and we are determined to stick to it and overcome any obstacles which comes our way.

For details please refer to each respective privacy policy of our products.