OSX/CrescentCore: Mac malware designed to evade antivirus discovered by Intego

Meet OSX/CrescentCore, the next generation of fake Flash Player malware—now redesigned to evade antivirus detection.

Hot on the heels of Intego's discovery of OSX/Linker and being the first to detect OSX/NewTab, the Intego team has discovered in the wild another previously unknown bit of malware that installs other unwanted software—but only if you're not running third-party endpoint protection software, and only if your operating system isn't running inside a virtual machine.

Intego has observed this malware in multiple places across the Web, from sketchy copyright-infringing download sites to rogue, high-ranking, non-sponsored Google search results links.

Intego customers are protected from OSX/CrescentCore and the many other Mac malware threats discovered in June.


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