Kape’s customers trust us to provide not just a sense of privacy but real privacy benefits that can be enjoyed anywhere: at home, at work, on vacation, and everywhere in between. Here are the products that deliver those benefits and the policies that safeguard them:

VPN privacy

VPN stands for virtual private network and refers to a secure tunnel between a user’s device and the internet. Although many companies use VPNs internally to protect corporate assets, Kape brands provide premium VPN benefits directly to consumers:


Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access



VPNs deliver privacy by making users’ internet traffic unreadable to ISPs (internet service providers) and other third parties (such as Wi-Fi operators) through encryption and tunneling. These third parties cannot see which websites or apps are being used through a VPN, and cannot inspect any data transferred. VPNs also allow users to change their IP address (also called proxying), which helps keep their location private from sites and services.

Advanced privacy protections

Besides the basic VPN benefits offered by encryption, tunneling, and proxying, Kape companies offer additional privacy protections that set us apart:

Make systems difficult to compromise

No activity or connection logs

All VPN apps and servers are carefully engineered not to store sensitive information. We do not log IP addresses, browsing history, traffic destinations, or DNS queries. Because this information simply does not exist anywhere in our systems, it cannot be stolen, and we cannot be compelled to provide it.

Read more on our policy towards logs
Make systems difficult to compromise

RAM-only servers

Our VPN servers run on RAM only, meaning no data is ever written to a hard drive. The entire operating system is reinstalled completely from scratch on every reboot, preventing any sensitive data—or potential malware—from persisting on the machine.

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Make systems difficult to compromise


Developed in-house at ExpressVPN, Lightway is a VPN protocol designed for speed, security, and reliability in a mobile-first world. While traditional VPN protocols struggle to reconnect after dropping out or changing networks, Lightway minimizes time to reconnect—often in less than a second—ensuring continuous privacy protection throughout the day.

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Privacy Policies

At Kape, user privacy isn’t simply a feature of our products. In many ways, it is the product. That’s why we take extraordinary care to make our privacy policies and practices explicit, transparent, and accessible:

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